1:12 Scale 2.4g 4wd Remote Control Car Off Road Car Radio Control High Speed Rc Car

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  • Type: Car
  • Material: Metal, Plastic, Rubber
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Features: Remote Control
  • Color: Dark Grey, Orange
  • Tire Material: Rubber
  • Charging time: 150 minutes
  • Use time: 20-30 minutes
  • Waterproof grade: IPX4 level
  • Recommend Age: 12 y,14 y,3-6y,6-12y,0-3y

rc buggy car

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24 reviews for 1:12 Scale 2.4g 4wd Remote Control Car Off Road Car Radio Control High Speed Rc Car

  1. Ellie Julius

    I bought it because I read the feedback that it is drop resistant and it is really very drop resistant and also has a strong battery. The appearance of the machine is very technological and really dual-use. The store is very well packed, and the Express Logistics is very fast. There are no defects. The main thing the child saw is special I like it, I really like it.

  2. Patty Balser

    The delivery was done quite quickly, the package was complete, without any damage, which was done very well. The form is very original, one to one, it’s so real, except it can’t be opened, everything else is perfect. The main thing is that the child really likes it.

  3. Fernand Aveline

    The toy machine is received, get your hands on the baby can not wait to play up, first the control is not good, then familiar with the game after good silky smooth, very satisfied. The all-wheel drive off-road performance is strong, fast energy consumption, remote control distance is probably close to 100 meters.

  4. Andrea Xiong

    Hummer has a lot of power, it doesn’t even go up the hills, and it has an adjustable speed, which is very cool. When you get on a difficult road, you can adjust the speed to facilitate the trip. Well made and playing without any problems, it is a really good product.

  5. Iside Casaletto

    The first day when the baby was brought, the children slept under the blanket, very good workmanship and very durable, looks much more expensive than this price, the children love it very much and do not let it cry. The lifting ability is very good, the off-road performance is very good, if there is a slope, the slope is not high, can be directly on.

  6. Della Drew

    The product is very good, the remote control quality of the machine is very good, fine workmanship, it is very weighty in hand, haha! I just opened the box and couldn’t hold on not to play with it for a while. The control is very flexible, I like it. The child who likes it won’t say, let it really be the SUV AH. A remote-controlled toy car, received in the sand, can also run from above.

  7. Yuvraj Wolf

    The toy car is great, beautifully packaged, and the whole product is well preserved without any defects. It is very well made, good value for money, the baby especially likes it, and he can’t put it down when he gets it. it is very fast and has a good ability to climb.

  8. Demarcus Mcmullen

    It is a great product, the seller has a great attitude, and the children like it very much. The toy arrived and gave my son to look at both eyes and play with it, full strength, very beautiful and dominant, very powerful speed, very good for children, adults also love it. Simulation of high material thick and metal chassis.

  9. Ted Basye

    This is a big RC buggy, the lights look great at night, the quality is great, and the service is fantastic, premium, full propellant shaft, alloy floor lights, suspension, no person should be able to say no to such a machine. It is fast and fun to play with, and the body is made of hard material, which is also resistant to collisions.

  10. Ildefonso Sollami

    Very high quality toy car with a high degree of imitation, heavy in hand, no plastic at all, very good. The overall workmanship is exquisite, the detail is high, no matter what you look at, the seller’s loyalty is visible, the value for money is very high, and it is a good choice for your collection.

  11. Fritz Filippi

    Very good toy car, fine workmanship, 100% model reproduction, also packed in a colorful box, very high-end, you can play with the machine until you want to play in the box, will not take up space, very good, children also like to play, the ability to adjust the speed, it is very good.

  12. Savannah Brotherton

    It is a very good toy car, the child likes it very much, the design is very humane, can climb the slope, can also run on the ground, and the slope is very stable, the small car is also very fine workmanship section of the material is very texture, can exercise the child’s hands and agility.

  13. Sarina Santos

    The child always shows his favorite car in the square, it is a good quality car, very Electric, runs fast and has a high design, my son likes it very much! I have already recommended it to my friends! It is worth recommending! The machine seems heavy and solid, the quality is good and more stable, the remote control is sensitive and easy to use.

  14. Kawano Tanyu

    This Hummer is powerful and can adjust the speed with the remote control. On the slopes, you can simply add speed and easily overcome the track. This is a great toy car, good quality, careful work, no burrs, good customer service, everything is perfect.

  15. Prudence Rodden

    This little car toy is really powerful, there are two game modes, you can move forward on the ground can also climb, really cool full, kids play so happy it, good quality, can charge, durable. It has good quality, rechargeable and durable. It has a nice texture and beautiful color.

  16. Aamir Boyd

    Funny and interesting toy car with remote control, able to adapt to different surfaces, the baby feels especially amazing and excited. It has a sense of direction and easy to control, so the child will quickly master the use of the remote control without much difficulty.

  17. Andrea Xiong

    The Hummer model looks good and has headlights when starting, which is more like for children. The power is also good, so the average gear is usually enough to play at home. Alloy body, it is heavy in hand and very durable. The workmanship and quality is very good, especially the chassis, the axis wheel viewed, the design is very golden, but also can adjust the speed of movement.

  18. Emmanuel Gillie

    Haven’t chance to try it yet but it seems to be accurate. thanks!

  19. Winston Hyde

    It’s easy to run my son played with him a little bit and he did it. 4WD lifting capacity is very strong and can adapt to most areas, very good toy, after receiving the goods my son likes to play, including adults also like to play, workmanship is very good and resistant to falling, in general, everything is very good.

  20. Zoraida Swick

    Packed in a colorful box, it will be a great gift for a friend. The toy car is also very comfortable to hold in your hand, and the workmanship is carefully designed and does not have any burrs, so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt during the game. The speed can be adjusted, which is very cool.

  21. Windy Milnes

    The appearance is really upscale and stylish, very beautiful. The packaging is durable and reliable, no damage. The workmanship is excellent, the detail is in place, the realism is very good. Charging and playing for some time is not a big problem. The sensitivity is very high, the delay is very short, like the hand value for money, worth buying.

  22. Jamel ben mabrouk

    Very high quality toy, colorful box included, it is a good choice for gift, it is a good way to give yourself a face. Customer service is good, product quality is very good, everything is perfect, it is a very satisfactory shopping experience.

  23. Gérald Courbet

    The toys are of excellent quality, and the kids really like the climbing car, the model is beautiful, and they like to play with it. The machine looks very good, very nice to look and has a good alloy texture. RC machines have good maneuverability and good quality! Excellent grip, adults and children love to play with it!

  24. Windy Milnes

    The Hummer is a very positive version, the overall workmanship is fantastic, the detailing is high and the level of simulation is surprisingly high. Colorful box packaging makes this toy car even more atmospheric, and the customer service is very responsive and patient to deal with any issues, which is especially good.

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1:12 Scale 2.4g 4wd Remote Control Car Off Road Car Radio Control High Speed Rc Car
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