Unleashing Nipple Orgasms: From Tingles to Ecstasy

Are you wondering how to pleasure a woman through oral sex and make her reach orgasm? Well, mastering the art of cunnilingus is not difficult at all if you learn a few techniques. Today, I will share an 8-step guide to oral sex that will guarantee clitoral orgasms and make your tongue unforgettable. Preparation is key, so ensure your facial hair and mouth are well-groomed.

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Step 1: Circle the Perimeter for Increased Sensation

Start by gently licking around the entire outer area of the genitals in three circles to build up arousal.

Step 2: Attend to the Labia Majora and Labia Minora

Slowly lick from the vaginal opening upwards, using your tongue to part the labia. Give each side (left and right) three licks. You can also suck on the labia and stimulate them by gently squeezing them together.

Step 3: Circle the Clitoral Hood without Touching the Clitoris

Now gradually move toward the clitoral area. Many people make the mistake of immediately rubbing the clitoris vigorously, but this can be unpleasant for women as the clitoris is highly sensitive. A hood covers the clitoris, so start by gently touching or circling the hood. Use your tongue to draw large circles around the clitoris, gradually decreasing the circle size. When you’re close to the clitoris, avoid direct contact and revert to larger circles with your tongue.

Step 4: Stimulate the Exposed Clitoris

As you continue, you’ll notice the clitoris becoming more prominent. At this point, it will be exposed beyond the hood. Now you can gently lick the clitoris. Experiment with both up-and-down and circular motions. Avoid using your teeth, as the clitoris is highly sensitive. Remember: If the clitoris is developed, you can directly lick it. If the clitoris is less developed (small), it will be more sensitive, so be gentle. You can repeat the previous actions on the clitoris, labia, and vaginal opening.

Step 5: Pull Back the Clitoral Hood

Observe your partner’s response. If she becomes highly aroused, use your finger to pull back the skin surrounding the clitoris gently. The exposed surface of the clitoris is very sensitive, so only use the tip of your tongue to lick it gently. Experimentation has shown that vertical licking (up and down) is generally more pleasurable than horizontal licking (left and right).

Step 6: Engulf the Clitoris

Once again, observe your partner’s response. If she’s extremely aroused, you can lightly suck the entire clitoris into your mouth or hold it in your mouth while rotating your tongue around it. Repeat these actions.

Step 7: Alternate Stimulation between the Clitoris and Vaginal Opening

If you want to check if your partner is sufficiently lubricated, you can extend your tongue downwards to observe. Once confirmed, you can alternate between licking the clitoris and the vaginal opening. To ensure the clitoris isn’t neglected while licking the vagina, position your nose near the clitoris and gently stimulate it with your nose while focusing on the vaginal area.

Step 8: Intensify Clitoral Stimulation for Orgasm

When you notice your partner is close to orgasm, focus on the clitoris. While sucking on it, increase the speed of your tongue’s up-and-down movements. Alternate between licking and sucking. Eventually, the rapid movement of your tongue will lead your partner to orgasm.

I hope today’s sharing helps you, gentlemen, to pleasure your female partners with these eight techniques to stimulate the female genitals. Provide unprecedented pleasure and reach the pinnacle of orgasmic delight for women.

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