Masterful Hand Techniques: Unlock His Pleasure with Grip, Spin, and Motion

Ladies, let’s raise our hands together and prepare to give the gift of “love-making”!

Hand Technique 1: Clockwise and Counterclockwise Rotation

Get beside him, apply some massage oil on your hands, and rub them together until they feel warm. Then place your hands on his penis, allowing him to feel the warmth of your palms. Begin by rotating his non-erect penis clockwise 5-10 times, then switch to the counterclockwise rotation for another 5-10 times. Enjoy the pleasure of witnessing his penis slowly growing in your hands.

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Hand Technique 2: The Testicle Massage

Curl your fingers into a claw shape and use the pads of your fingers to gently squeeze and massage the perineum area and testicles (alternating between hands). You can also use the palm of your hand to apply gentle pressure and make circular motions on the testicles, giving him the delightful sensation of being pressed. (Some men find this extremely pleasurable!) Adjust the pressure and intensity based on his feedback to discover his preferred method.

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Hand Technique 3: Rubbing to Ignite the Flame

Hold his penis with both hands and continue to rub it from top to bottom. Most men enjoy stimulation on the glans and the coronal groove. If he likes it, focus on rubbing these sensitive areas with different pressures (light to firm) and speeds (slow to fast), making him lose himself in the skill of his hands.

Hand Technique 4: Reverse Rotation

Grip the base of his penis with one hand and hold the shaft with the other, rotating from the bottom to the top. Increase the speed gradually from slow to fast. Pay attention to whether he is reaching the point of ejaculation. If he is, pause and let him rest briefly before resuming the stimulation. Repeat this process 3-5 times to take his sexual desire to the peak.

Hand Technique 5: Ten Fingers Interlocked Motion

Interlock all ten fingers tightly around his penis, creating a vacuum-like pressure. Move your hands up and down (alternating between fast and slow speeds). This massage technique mimics the feeling of entering a woman’s vagina. Adjust the tightness and looseness of your grip as desired. Finally, continue the stimulation until he reaches climax and ejaculates.

With your caring and skillful use of these hand techniques, you will give him an unforgettable and blissful gift. Remember to embrace each other after the hand play; let love flow between you. Who knows, you might be the one to enjoy a delightful feast of passionate lovemaking next.

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