How to use yoga blocks?

Yoga blocks are helpful for yoga practitioners to improve alignment and deepen stretches. Here are some ways to use yoga blocks:

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  • Support in seated postures: Sitting cross-legged on the floor can be challenging if you have tight hips or a stiff lower back. A yoga block can provide the necessary lift to make sitting more comfortable. Place the block under your sit bones to elevate your hips, making it easier to sit up straight.
  • Support in standing postures: Some standing poses, such as triangle or half-moon, require placing your hand on the floor. A yoga block can provide the necessary support if you’re not flexible enough to reach the floor comfortably. Place the block on the floor next to your front foot and rest your hand on it.
  • Support in balancing postures: Balancing poses, such as tree or eagle, can be challenging for even the most seasoned yogis. A yoga block can provide extra stability and support to help you find your balance. For example, in a tree pose, place the block on the floor next to your standing foot and rest your opposite foot on top.
  • Deepening stretches: If you want to deepen your stretches, a yoga block can help you achieve a deeper stretch without compromising your alignment. For example, in pigeon pose, place a block under your hip to support and help you stay upright as you stretch.
  • Restorative postures: Restorative yoga is about relaxation and gently opening the body. A yoga block can be used in various restorative postures to provide support and help you relax deeply. For example, place a block under your sacrum in the supported bridge pose to provide support and allow your body to release tension.

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When choosing a yoga block, consider the size and density. The most common size is 4 inches by 6 inches by 9 inches. Blocks can be made of foam, cork, or bamboo. Foam blocks are lightweight and affordable, while cork and bamboo blocks are more durable and eco-friendly. Choose the block that feels most comfortable and supportive for your body.

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