Embrace the Power and Radiance: Discovering the Transformative Magic of Yoni Wand

For De-Armouring

A shared tapestry of experiences has shaped the journey of women, impeding their ability to fully embrace and relish the sublime heights of sexual satisfaction that await them. These experiences have left an indelible mark, erecting barriers that hinder the exploration of transcendent pleasure. Some examples of these challenges include:

  •     The burden of shame and guilt surrounding our sexuality and past sexual encounters.
  •     Pain, discomfort, or unsatisfying experiences during sex, leading to a disconnection from pleasure.
  •     Toxic intimate relationships that diminish our self-worth and inhibit sexual exploration.
  •     Traumatic experiences of sexual abuse that shatter trust and distort our relationship with intimacy.
  •     Unclear or unspoken sexual boundaries that leave us feeling violated and confused.
  •     Invasive medical procedures that disrupt our sense of bodily autonomy and sexual confidence.
  •     Feelings of sexual inadequacy that undermine our ability to fully engage in and enjoy sexual encounters.
  •     Engaging in sex solely to appease our partners, compromising our own desires and pleasure.
  •     Premature penetration, rushing into sexual experiences before feeling ready, resulting in emotional and physical discomfort.
  •     Challenging experiences such as difficult childbirth, miscarriage, or abortion that can impact our sexual well-being.
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These encounters have led our vaginas to instinctively armor themselves, manifesting as areas of pain or numbness. While this protective mechanism aims to shield against further invasion or perceived threats, it inadvertently disconnects us from pleasure and our own sensuality. Consequently, we become numb and detached, shutting ourselves off from our innate sexuality and inhibiting our ability to fully embrace life’s vibrancy.

Yet, through healing, self-discovery, and embracing our sexual autonomy, we can dismantle these barriers and reclaim our right to transcendent pleasure. By dismantling the armor, we open ourselves to a world of sensual possibility, reestablishing a profound connection with our bodies and reclaiming our sexual liberation.

Thankfully, we possess invaluable tools and practices that can reverse the process of armorization, with one particularly potent method known as “de-armoring.” Among these practices, I have found yoni eggs to be profoundly effective in facilitating the de-armoring journey, gently reintroducing us to our bodies in an intimate and nurturing manner.

However, for an even more impactful experience, the utilization of a yoni wand proves to be highly advantageous. The elongated design of the wand enables precise targeting of specific points within the vagina, including the cervix, which is a remarkably sensitive area. Within the cervix, three major nerves—the hypogastric, pelvic, and vagus nerves—converge, offering a gateway to expansive and transcendent cervical orgasms. Unfortunately, many women endure pain or numbness in this area, greatly limiting their capacity for pleasure, self-empowerment, and deep connection.

By incorporating the yoni wand into our practice, we can effectively stimulate and revitalize the cervix, helping to alleviate discomfort and reclaim the full spectrum of pleasure, self-empowerment, and profound connection that awaits us. Through this transformative process, we open ourselves to a world of sensual freedom, revitalizing our capacity for pleasure, self-discovery, and the ultimate expression of our authentic selves.


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The profound benefits of de-armoring await those who are ready to embark on a transformative journey, empowering them to:

  •     Transcend Mental Barriers: Break free from the confines of the mind and reconnect with the wisdom and sensations of your body during intimate moments.
  •     Restore Sensational Delight: Revitalize vaginal sensitivity, amplifying your capacity for pleasure and unlocking new depths of orgasmic experiences.
  •     Banish Discomfort: Bid farewell to pain during sexual encounters, reclaiming a sense of ease, comfort, and fulfillment.
  •     Explore New Ecstasies: Increase the likelihood of experiencing G-spot and cervical orgasms, unearthing uncharted realms of pleasure.
  •     Ignite Libido: Reignite the flame of desire, enhancing your sexual appetite and invigorating your intimate encounters.
  •     Release Emotional Burdens: Liberate yourself from the weight of sexual shame, guilt, anxiety, and trauma, fostering a profound sense of healing and liberation.
  •     Reconnect with Self: Rediscover the sacred bond with your body, reclaiming your sexuality, and awakening your innate sensuality.
  •     Deepen Connection: Enhance the intimate connection with your partner, fostering a more profound and fulfilling union.

Additionally, if you experience any of the following, de-armoring can be particularly beneficial:

  •     Detection of hard tissue or small, grain-like lumps along the vaginal walls.
  •     Numbness or dryness in the vagina, hindering sensual pleasure.
  •     Contracted and tense vaginal muscles, impeding comfort and relaxation.
  •     Hardened and overly-sensitive cervix, causing discomfort during intimate moments.
  •     Persistent pain during sexual activities, inhibiting satisfaction and joy.
  •     Challenges in achieving orgasm, seeking new pathways to unlock pleasure.

I firmly believe that every woman should embark on the de-armoring journey at least once in her lifetime, ideally making it a regular practice. By delving into this exploration, you open the door to unraveling the hidden layers of emotional baggage that may be holding you back. The rewards of releasing these burdens are immeasurable, paving the way for renewed vitality, physical and emotional well-being, and uninhibited pleasure. Establishing a regular de-armoring practice ensures that any newly-encountered negative emotions can be regularly released, preventing them from becoming stagnant and causing unwelcome physical or emotional stress, ultimately allowing your pleasure to soar to unfathomable heights.

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The Journey to Release: Embrace profound healing by utilizing a yoni wand to activate various zones within, combined with the transformative power of Taoist healing sounds. This potent combination liberates trapped emotions and stagnant energy, facilitating healing at the core of your being.

A Personal or Shared Path: Whether you embark on this practice alone or with a partner, the possibilities for healing and growth are boundless. While a yoni wand proves highly effective, using a finger or penis can also yield transformative results. Similar to the yoni egg practice, I recommend inducing gentle arousal before entering the vagina, be it through a soothing breast massage, clitoral stimulation, or whatever resonates with your unique desires. It is crucial to honor your readiness and avoid entering the vagina until you feel fully prepared. Rushing can create tension that counters our aim of release. To enhance the process, you may choose to incorporate a natural lubricant, such as coconut oil, onto the wand prior to commencing the practice.

Move slowly and drop all judgement and expectation

Navigating the Wonders Within: As you gracefully guide the yoni wand through the depths of the vagina, attentively observe any areas that elicit tension, pain, or numbness. Rather than avoiding these discomforts, dare to lean into them, employing the wand’s end to gently apply pressure. Inhale deeply, allowing your breath to merge with the sensation. Engage your body freely, surrendering to the emotions evoked by the experience. Give yourself permission to express your innermost feelings through vocalization, whether it be screams, laughter, rage, or tears—unleash the raw authenticity that resides within you, holding nothing back.

(SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING VOCALIZATION: A profound interconnection exists between the throat and the yoni. The throat often harbors significant tension, serving as an armor for our unwillingness to express our true nature and unlock our full potential—to reveal our authentic selves to the world. The voice emerges as the paramount tool for this liberation, yet for many of us (shaped by societal conditioning), it can prove challenging. Nevertheless, the more we open our throats and discover our genuine voices, the more we empower ourselves and step into our true essence. The act of silencing our voices echoes the suppression of our sexual vitality. Conversely, embracing vocal expansion will catalyze a transformative shift in our sexuality, profoundly influencing every aspect of our lives.)

Through this transformative practice, you embark on a journey of self-discovery, unearthing profound depths of pleasure, authenticity, and personal power. Release the dormant potential within you, as the harmonization of your sexual and vocal expression sets the stage for a radiant, transformative existence.

Unlocking the Sacred Gateways: Delve into the realm of sensual exploration, focusing your attention on the clitoris, the vaginal entrance, the enigmatic G-spot, and the profound depths of the vagina and cervix. Patience may be required as you traverse these territories, as revisiting certain spots may be necessary to permanently dissolve any lingering blocks.

Honoring Your Wholeness: As you approach completion, attune yourself to the whispers of your body, listening intently to its desires. Some may seek restful slumber, while others yearn for intimate connection or the tender embrace of a cuddle. Allow your body’s wisdom to guide your next steps, surrendering to its innate wisdom.

A Profound Act of Self-Love: Throughout the de-armouring process, envelop yourself in boundless self-love. Embrace the journey as a gentle yet potent trigger point vaginal massage, tenderly releasing tension, eliminating toxins, and igniting a renewed surge of blood flow. Experience the transformative outcome—an exquisite, receptive, and profoundly sensitive vagina, teeming with heightened capacity for pleasure. It’s crucial to note that these practices ripple beyond the realm of sexuality, leaving a profound impact on every facet of your existence.

Embark on this sacred voyage, nurturing the depths of your being, and watch as the radiance of self-love illuminates your path, transforming your life in wondrous ways.


De-Armouring In Preparation For Childbirth

Unveiling New Horizons: A growing number of women are embracing the practice of vaginal and cervical de-armouring as part of their prenatal preparations, discovering how it can facilitate the birthing process and enhance the potential for experiencing an orgasmic birth.

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A Vital Reminder: It is of utmost importance to note that vaginal de-armouring should only be pursued after reaching the 25th week of pregnancy, while de-armouring of the cervix should be reserved for after the 37th week.

Guided by Expert Care: Optimal results are often achieved through two de-armouring sessions during pregnancy. Nevertheless, I strongly emphasize that this practice should exclusively be undertaken under the guidance of a seasoned healthcare professional—an experienced midwife, holistic doctor, or pelvic health care specialist.

By embarking on this transformative journey with the support of a knowledgeable guide, expectant mothers can harness the potential benefits of vaginal and cervical de-armouring, empowering themselves to navigate the birthing process with greater ease and even opening the door to the possibility of an orgasmic birth.

Care Of Your Yoni Wand

Nurturing Your Wand: Prioritize thorough cleansing before each use. Begin by immersing your wand in hot water (maximum temperature of 60°C) enriched with a few drops of tea tree oil and a few tablespoons of Himalayan salt or high-quality sea salt. Allow it to soak for 12 hours. Remember, semi-precious stones and crystals are sensitive to extreme heat, so boiling water should be avoided at all costs to preserve their structural integrity and energetic qualities. Following this recommended soaking method will effectively cleanse your wand of any bacteria and energetic imprints it may have acquired along its path to you.

Embracing Energetic Renewal: It is beneficial to periodically provide your yoni wand with an energetic cleanse, ideally once a month. This can be achieved through a salt bath or by placing it in a bowl of plain salt—whichever method resonates with you. Additionally, leaving your wand in the moonlight can also serve as a revitalizing practice. This energetic cleansing becomes particularly important when you sense the need to release significant energetic residues.

Handle with Tender Care: Exercise caution to avoid dropping your wand onto hard surfaces, as this may lead to breakage. Treat your yoni wand as the sacred tool it is, honoring its delicate nature and the sacred energy it holds.

By embracing these practices of cleanliness, energetic renewal, and gentle handling, you ensure the longevity and optimal functioning of your yoni wand, allowing it to continue serving as a vessel of transformative energy and pleasure.

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