Craving Period Sex? 4 Surprising Benefits

Can you engage in sexual activities during your period? We discussed this before, and sometimes the fear of “charging ahead” seems equivalent to “unsatisfied desires,” which might make you hesitate about period sex. On the other hand, you might have never considered that it’s okay to do so. It’s like an “unspoken rule” that tells you to halt bedroom activities when Aunt Flo pays a visit. But today, folks, I’m here to challenge those norms and take you on a fiery journey through the red light!

There’s a belief that engaging in unconventional activities or things that seem forbidden during a woman’s period can unexpectedly arouse them. In other words, period sex can be incredibly hot!

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So, what are some unexpected benefits of period sex that you might not have thought about?


Alternative Sexual Adventures

You might wonder if having sex during your period counts as a sexual “adventure” since it’s just sex during your period. But actually, trying something that seems “forbidden or shouldn’t be done” can make it feel incredibly fresh and exciting! Just like having sex in public, which breaks the norm, the thrill of crossing the red light might tickle your inner desires!

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Natural Lubrication

Sometimes, women worry about not being wet enough, but menstrual blood becomes a natural lubricant during their period. In this case, I suggest taking a slow and gentle approach to lovemaking, allowing the menstrual blood to mix with the natural lubrication produced by the woman. Explore the speed and angles that make her most comfortable. This time, it’s not about the sprint; you’ll experience unforgettable moments of tender love.

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Relieving Menstrual Cramps and Reducing Stress

There’s often abdominal pain, irritability, and stress during a woman’s period. If you’re willing to try period sex, the orgasms it brings can help alleviate menstrual cramps.

However, I also advise not to force it if the pain is severe! Alternatively, let your partner take more time with foreplay and try exploring nipples or clitoral orgasms. You don’t have to engage in vigorous penetration to consider it complete lovemaking!

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Enjoying the Feeling of Being Pampered

Many people ask if specific positions are more suitable for period sex. Well, I would suggest the woman be in the bottom part. Firstly, women might feel weaker during this time, so being in a less exerting position can be more comfortable. Secondly, the woman being on top might lead to excessive menstrual blood flow, so it’s better to consider that carefully!

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So, ladies, feel free to embrace your sensual side during this time and let your partner pamper you! I recommend the missionary or spooning positions, which allow you to get closer and quietly experience the different sensations of period intimacy.

Sure, it might get messy with bloodstains, but as long as you both enjoy it, it might just be the best “sex” experience you’ve had!

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